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New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year! Hope you had a great start to the year. I started mine with a fabulous dinner in Brooklyn and surrounded by friends and all things shimmery to ring in 2015 in fine yet not-too-crazy fashion. 


With a New Year comes new resolutions  - or, as the case seems to be, recommitting to some old ones. Last year, I kept it simple and opted to go with three broad resolutions:

  1. Worry less.
  2. Read all of the things.
  3. Finish.

 The first one though not directly writing-related definitely isn't too far from it. This one I definitely accomplished, even beginning most days listening to the very song I linked to in that blog post. I found that by starting my commute in to work concentrated on my thoughts and what I wanted to focus my energy on made all of the difference. This is something I plan to continue this year, perhaps even to a new extreme.

The second one, well, I can see Stephen King giving me the stink eye. Sadly I didn't read nearly as much as I wanted to. With an increased amount of writing I didn't manage to keep my attention on this one as much as I would have liked. 

As for my third one, finish I did! I didn't keep to my summertime deadline, as I decided not to take advantage of the self publishing route, but I did finish. I've been hard at work on refining and refining and pitching and submitting my novel, BLOWN OUT. I'll continue to share about that journey here and hopefully some good news soon.

So a New Year means some new goals. I didn't want to rush into a new list before I really thought about last year's accomplishments and what I want to focus on in the 365 days (well, slightly less now) ahead.

  1. Read way more of the things. By taking out the "all", I want to commit to reading more, but not some crazy, ridiculous number. I strongly believe resolutions should be commitments that are realistic and attainable - so here we go! To keep myself honest, I'll continue updating over on GoodReads.
  2. Submit to the max. I plan to continue submitting my novel to agents until I've fully exhausted all agents I am interested in. I also commit to months of continued revisions, the elimination of words I for some reason feel to personally connected to, and to listening to feedback from others whose brutal honesty is helping me go further along that path to success.
  3. Start (and ideally complete by year-end) my second novel. This one is really exciting to me. Starting something new is always so exciting, yet nerve-racking. This year, I'll be attempting my first suspense novel, and taking a course on this to get me started down that path. 
  4. Relax. Continuing with the "worry less" idea, I plan to incorporate more relaxing into my regular routine (this also ties nicely into the reading resolution). More nights in snuggled up with the pup are my goal.

Here's to a productive and relaxing 2015!

A Weekend Away

One of the things I love about being in NYC is the non-stop pace. There are so many things you come into contact with on a given day that it's hard to not get great ideas for writing and to have opportunities to be surrounded by people that inspire you. 

But sometimes it gets to be too much. You start to get so lost in the chaos that you don't notice the smell of fresh bread coming out of a bakery, the little kid whispering to his mom mesmerized by an elaborate holiday display, or the smile and personal greeting the barista gives you (if you're lucky) when you enter your favorite coffee shop. 

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I took a long weekend trip out to Cold Spring, New York. It's a quiet town that's likely much more hopping during warm weather, but made for a cozy getaway trip for December. It was only 77 minutes away from Grand Central and you can easily walk to Main Street from the train station. 

We had no car. Our room on the top floor of the fabulous B&B (Pig Hill Inn) had no television, but a lovely old school stove. Perfect swap, IMHO. If we wanted (and we did), they'd give us a log for this each day. The common sitting area had a non-stop fire during the day, surrounded by plush couches. In the afternoon, they brought out a tray of desserts. Sometimes it had cookies. Sometimes, if you're lucky, it's a homemade cake! If this was my home, I would never leave during the winter.

The goal was to disconnect and relax as much as possible. I'll admit to looking at social media occasionally, but nothing like the degree to which I am typically plugged in. We walked around the town, perusing countless antique stores. My mind started thinking - layers and layers of items with so many original owners. Who were all of these people? What were their stories? I really liked this section with old keys. What doors had they unlocked? What had those people been like?

It was such a needed weekend. I picked back up the book I have been reading, The Goldfinch. We started watching American Horror Story as I gear up for my next novel, which will be my first time writing suspense. Such a creepy show... we decided to start at the very beginning and I'm not sure I can watch any part of this on my own.

I came back to the city yesterday though with so many ideas I'm about to start a list - for the next book and writing ideas in general. It was great to put away the editing for a bit and refocus on the creation process again. I'm excited to get back to full #AmWriting mode.