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Genre Hopping

I was so excited for this spring's course with Gotham Writers. My parents bought it for me as a Christmas gift. I have zero experience in the suspense / mystery realm, so this seemed like the best possible way to immerse myself in a new way of thinking and ensure I started to keep that in mind before I got too far down the writing path. Good idea in theory, right?

And then life happens. It always has a way of doing that -- and oftentimes in the most unexpected of ways. In January, I got engaged! Such a wonderful way to start the new year and in that regard, it's been such a wonderful several months. I soon found myself happily picking up a part-time gig (in theory) wedding planning. Add to that a bit of a personal crisis and moving and -- well -- let's just say this didn't all go according to plan, but for very good reasons.


The upside is that I have started my new novel. I'm excited about the layers -- the characters and this new world to explore. It was a small "audience", but my group of classmates really loved what I did pull together during the course and were more excited about this new material than the older pieces I shared during the course. All good signs.

I'm not walking away from the class with a large portion of this first draft as I'd originally hoped, but I have a start and a bit of confidence for the project ahead -- and that's very exciting as well. With the wedding fast approaching, I'm feeling a bit sentimental and reflective. These are all good things -- in life and in writing. 

I'm looking forward to getting more into this new novel -- of course with most writing likely to happen after the wedding. All that 2015 has been so far can only help to bring even better perspective to this new work.