Blown Out


What if life forced you to take a second chance revealing things you never knew you missed? Things that could redefine everything?

Kate has always known what she wanted and done everything to keep things moving down that path. She's traded in her cowboy boots for a challenging law firm job, a spot alongside her lawyer fiancé Landon in Page Six, and a doorman building bordering Central Park. When Kate is faced with a family emergency in Texas, which draws her away from her perfect Manhattan life, she must return to the south, leaving her high-powered lawyer job and high profile fiancé.

Between running into her high school love she left behind to the random boxes that start to appear on her front porch, creating more questions than answers, it's apparent this is not a chapter in her past but rather Texas has a major role in her present. As she slowly starts to piece things together, she realizes how little she really knows about her family and has to decide if she is prepared to confront the truth.

BLOWN OUT is women’s fiction and is complete at approximately 80,000 words. Born in Alabama to parents from Georgia and Tennessee, I went on to attend college in both Mississippi and Florida. My degrees might read BBA, BA, and MBA, but I have a de facto Masters of the South.This book draws upon my a deeply rooted love of the South mixed with a dash of the big city.

Photo: Topher Ziobro

Photo: Topher Ziobro