Dear [AGENT],

When Kate was 17, she made the decision that her future wasn’t in Texas. She traded in her cowboy boots and close proximity to her family for a challenging law firm job, a spot alongside her lawyer fiancé on Page Six, and a doorman building bordering Central Park. But when she receives an urgent call from Texas 12 years later and learns her mom has died, she suddenly finds herself drawn back down South.

When she arrives, she learns she has inherited her mom’s hair salon and must choose to run or sell the business. Given the chance to preserve the place she spent so much time in as a child, Kate learns she will do whatever it takes to keep it – even if it means losing her fiancé and returning to a town where her closest friend is the high school sweetheart she hasn’t spoken to in years. But when random boxes containing items from her deceased mother start to appear on her front porch, Kate learns that the woman she thought she knew as well as herself had been keeping secrets. When a mysterious man from her mom’s past is really her father, Kate must confront not only the reality of who her mom really was, but who that makes Kate.

Complete at approximately 80,000 words, BLOWN OUT is women’s fiction that will appeal to fans of Jennifer Weiner, Emily Giffin, and Allison Winn.

Born in Alabama to parents from Georgia and Tennessee, I went on to attend college in both Mississippi and Florida. My degrees might read BBA, BA, and MBA, but I have a de facto Masters of the South. By day, I work in social media for a global PR agency. I write regularly on my food blog, Grits in the City, and previously was a recurring writer for Citibank's Women & Co. blog. 

Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider my work and I hope to hear from you soon.

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